Friday, January 27, 2012

Krabi retrospective

Today is actually Feb. 2. However, on January 27th I was settling into a new hostel which, so far as I knew then, had no Internet. I later discovered this was wrong, but also discovered the baht-per-minute charge and snail-like pacing, so blogging took a backseat.

Also, here's us waiting for the bus at Patong beach, just because I like these pictures and want to post them:

Besides, by waiting and posting retrospectively, you now have the benefit of more than mere words on my blog! See, our first day in Krabi (after the insanely long bus-and-minibus journey from Patong beach to Phuket Town, and then Phuket Town to Krabi Town, and then the involved negotiation for a cab from Krabi Town to our hostel, a good 25 minutes outside town), was glorious.

First off, here's what the hostel looks like:
(food/internet/hammocks to the right; ocean straight ahead; huts behind)

The rooms. :)
Then there's the part where we got there just in time for dinner (DELICIOUS curry and fresh coconut for me):

And, after dinner, the sunset. And I really can't even begin to post all the amazing pictures we took there on here. I'll just throw up a few, and a few videos; give me a few days, and I'll put the link to my Facebook album on here. We must have taken over 200 pictures just in that one evening...absolutely GORGEOUS!

Okay, a few more than a couple. Can't help myself. Anyway, here is the more experiential version of the evening, via video:
So now the lost day is fully exposed, and, I feel (and you you agree), well worth the wait.

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