Sunday, January 8, 2012

What do you write about

...when you do nothing all day?

I suppose you can make a comment on how you want the Taiwanese elections to be over already, so they will stop sending squads of be-vested people all over the city to campaign at your doorstep...
From all I can see, they all seem to be from the "obnoxiously loud and constant advertisement" party...
Or you could offer up another ode to, my constant stand-by on days where you do nothing--and they do have a video now explaining once and for all all those impossibly happy traffic cops and sign wavers.

Or you could throw in a clip to something you've recently discovered (or, in this case, rediscovered) on Youtube. Like Bum Reviews (Twilight linked below!) and Sassy Gay Friend (Romeo & Juliet!).

Or, you know, you could do all of those things. Because if there's one thing you're lacking at 2:30am after a full day of doing nothing, it's originality.

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